Help the Needing

This will be a short blog post. But small amount of letters doesn’t mean the post is not important - and this one is of HUGE importance.

I was telling my friends and family for a long time that once I have a stable income, I’ll be donating to charity. Today I officially started my monthly donations.

The main thing is: if you earn money and don’t live 1st-to-1st, you most likely can afford to help others. You don’t need to donate much. I always say “skip one Starbucks a month”. That means about 4-5 british pounds a month if you live in UK. Now think about it - is 5 pounds once a month really much to you? It may be, but if it is the case, you’re either cheap or need help yourself. In the former case, shame on you. In the latter - please contact some charity, I believe you deserve better.

But again, the amount is not important. Donate as much or as little as you can - the point is, if you earn money, you most likely (with some very extreme exceptions) can afford to spare few coins per month to help others. To you it’ll be almost nothing - to someone it can mean a lot.

Which charity?

The answer to this question is simple - any charity that isn’t an obvious scam. It doesn’t matter who you help - there are many people (and not only people - think animals) that need help for various legit reasons.

I personally chose The Scars Foundation, a charity founded by my lifetime-favourite band Godsmack. They aim to help people with mental issues - such as depression. Almost everyone suffered from it at some point in their life, and many were lucky enough to recover on their own - but there are many people who do need help. Do you remember how you felt when you suffered from depression? I do. It’s anything but nice. No one deserves to feel like that. Let’s help others battle this problem!

But you can pick something completely different. I chose Godsmack’s initiative because I’ve been following the band for many years now. But it wasn’t always my target - I actually decided I’ll start donating even before Sully announced The Scars Foundation (which in fact happened to be on the concert I attended to with my brother - it was awesome, thank you Godsmack!). But I knew I want to help even before that - if not Godsmack, it would just be an another foundation.

What is in it for you?

First of all - if you really are asking that, you should question your moral values. Shame.

Secondly - helping others feels awesome. Seeing someone smile and realizing that you have had an impact on that is just heart-warming. If you ever helped someone, you probably know what I mean. If you didn’t… well, it’s time you get that feeling of being helpful, too.

Everyone wishes to be happy. Literally everyone wishes that. Humans and other species alike. You want to be happy - help others be happy as well.

Do I have to donate cash?

No. Money is just the simplest manner of helping, one that almost anyone can get involved in. But if you want to do something first-hand instead of just sending money, any legit foundation will happily take that. Even if they don’t advertise that - message them. I’ll be really surprised (and negatively shocked) if they turn down your help proposal (unless it’s something stupid, but I assume that if you’re reading this post, you won’t try anything dumb).


Just donate to a charity. No matter what form, if you have a stable income, you most likely not only can afford it, but also not even notice the slightly less amount of cash you have - and you may change someone’s life for better. And if you can’t donate, think of other ways you can help. There is always something you can do.

I added a link to The Scars Foundation on the side panel of this blog. You can join me in helping them, but feel free to choose other charity if you wish - no matter what you pick, there will be someone somewhere who will be really thankful to you.