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Some of my blog posts are review-ish in nature - this is what I call "IMO" posts!

They're not called reviews because they're fully subjective, but otherwise, they function just as that.
Find out what I think about various TV shows, games, etc!

Potential Spoilers Warning

These posts might contain minor spoilers. I do my best to avoid any significant spoilers, but it's not always possible to 'review' something without at least tiny ones.

But do not worry! I implemented Discord-style spoiler mask - it'll hide spoiler text until you click on it -> !



IMO: Ultimate Chicken Horse

As a gamer, I have to recommend a game. There are many games worth recommendation, and everyone has different preferred games style. However, there’s one game I’d recommend to anyone: Ultimate Chicken Horse.

I’m not really a reviewer, so I won’t explain everything, but first things first…

IMO: Game of Thrones

I was putting this show off for a long time. I really disliked how hyped it is. For some reason I hated how everyone is talking about it.
However, this summer I decided to catch up. I was fed up with spoilers all over the place - it was really hard to avoid them. Honestly, spoiling shows and films on purpose/without warning should be against the law, but unfortunately it isn’t, so it was about time to watch this thing.

Now, I’m not good at reviews, so I might not talk about everything I should. Treat this post (and all other IMO posts) as just opinions and thoughts rather than a comprehensive review.