TehGM's Stalker Anomaly Modpack V2

Just a little bit less than half year ago, I posted my modpack for Stalker Anomaly. It worked nice, but I still felt like I could get more off this game - so I went to ModDB in search for more mods. And oh boy, I found a plenty!

It took a while (with some headaches) getting them all to work, but I believe I got my game to be stable, so time to do some sharing again!

Escape from Pripyat

I am not sure if I’ll keep maintaining this modpack. It should still work as it did, but nowadays I personally simply use Escape from Pripyat modpack. Check this Custerplay’s Video for a decent overview, or go straight to installation guide video to get it!

For now I am not removing my modpack - EfP is more polished and complete, but it’s also a larger download, and the modpack itself makes the game way more challenging.

Stalker Anomaly

The modpack of course requires Stalker Anomaly itself. This is obvious, yes - this section is just to provide easy download link!
Stalker Anomaly can be downloaded from its ModDB page - just scroll the description to “Download and Installation” section.

Download size: ~8.75GB

The Modpack

Like previous version of my modpack, this one isn’t exhaustive, and might not even be perfect - definitely nowhere near the level of fine-tuning modpacks like Expedition has. But it is tailored to my taste, and it works, so hey, you might like it!

The mods in this pack are all compatible with Stalker Anomaly 1.5.1.

Main Changes

The biggest change compared to first version of the modpack is addition of great Broomsticks and Sharpsticks (BaS) mod which adds a ton of new guns and tacticool variants (I mean, who doesn’t like tacticool?!).

Second change is addition of Agressor Reshade which makes the Zone more vibrant and feeling closer to Escape from Tarkov. After all, I wanted to turn Stalker into lite-ish EfT-ish thingy. This also makes Stalker look amazing - it’s sometimes hard to believe that original Stalker Call of Pripyat was released over 12 years ago!

Another change is that I replaced KUSH’s Better Weapon & Outfit Condition On Drop version 6 with version 5. This is so looting enemy corpses is actually worthwhile and sometimes you can find stuff you can actually sell - I mean, there’s no chance that everyone wears only garbage mostly destroyed stuff! - without making it too easy at once. However, I do include both versions in the modpack, so you can easily choose if you want Version 5 or 6.

What’s also worth mentioning that Anomaly Scopes was replaced with Anomaly Tacticool Scopes. The reason is simple - Anomaly Scopes wasn’t really compatible with some additions to this modpack. Scope Fix for a few Weapons was removed for the same reason.

Other changes are relatively minor - I included some fixes/addons that I should’ve added to first version of the pack, updated Trader Overhaul version, and added some compatibility patches between mods.

No Lite version?

I decided to not prepare lite version of my 2nd modpack. The most significant changes depend on BaS mod, which on its own is a few gigs.

Additionally, Reshade might impact the performance, so this modpack isn’t really low-spec gaming friendly anyway.

You can consider first version of this modpack to be lite version of this one - I am not removing it.


Download size: ~7.25GB
Unpacked size: ~14.3GB

Download link: click here
Mirror: click here


These installation steps are for installing the mods with Mod Manager. It is possible to install them without one, but I’ll not cover that here - mod manager just makes it better.

Clean Stalker Anomaly recommended. If you’ve previously modded Stalker Anomaly, it might break some mods or cause crashes.
If you don’t want to reinstall the game - if you used a mod manager, simply uninstall all mods and it should be fine.
  1. Download JSGME mod manager from ModDB.
  2. Install JSGME by extracting directly into your Stalker Anomaly directory.
  3. Extract “MODS” and “bin” folders into your Stalker Anomaly directory. Overwrite files if prompted.
  4. Run JSGME.exe.
  5. Enable each mod. Confirm when it prompts about overwriting. Note: order matters for some mods, see below for my mod order.
  6. Start Stalker Anomaly. Press Home button to open Reshade and make sure Agressor is set as current preset.
  7. Open settings -> The Zone -> Warfare, and on top of the screen select “Alife Overhaul” preset. You can pick faster versions or further customize if you wish to.
  8. Start a new game.
  9. Open settings again like in point 7. Ensure your settings are applied correctly - otherwise apply them again and save game.

I also recommend playing with crosshair disabled since BaS adds some guns with laser attachment - but the choice is yours, of course!

For some mods in the pack, the installation order matters - some depend on eachother etc. You are welcome to tweak it, but this is the order I recommend, as it works for me.

  1. JSRS P.1 - Main Addon
  2. EfTfootstep1.1
  3. HD_Models
  4. High Res PDA Maps
  5. SCO3 P.1 Real Mutant Sounds
  6. SCO3 P.2 New Outdoor Sounds
  7. SCO3 P.3 New Underground Sounds
  8. SCO3 P.4 Dead Zone (No Animal Sounds)
  9. SCO3 Addon - Anomaly Sounds
  10. 001. Boomsticks and Sharpsticks 28-Nov-2021
  11. BaS Patch 28-Dec-21
  12. Anomaly Magazines
  13. Magazines Arena Patch 1.01 - 1 mag ready
  14. Anomaly Magazines Outfit Quick Info
  15. [1.5.1] BaS Anomaly Magazines Patch Update 6 (ENGRUS)
  16. World Models for Wuut Mags
  17. Patch For BAS Mags Models Patch Fix
  18. Loadout Options Overhaul
  19. Anomaly Tacticool Scopes
  20. Anomaly Tacticool Scopes - BaS adaptation
  21. Trader Overhaul (Main Folder)
  22. Trader Overhaul B&S Patch
  23. Trader Overhaul Neutral Traders
  24. Arszi's Mutant Bleeding
  25. Warfare Alife Overhaul - Main
  26. Anomaly Ground Edit
  27. Anomaly Grass Edit
  28. Better Weapon & Outfit Condition On Drop - Version 5 (Hard)


While mods linked above mostly have their own, better screenshots - here’s a few from me.

TehGM’s Stalker Anomaly Modpack V2 TehGM’s Stalker Anomaly Modpack V2 TehGM’s Stalker Anomaly Modpack V2 TehGM’s Stalker Anomaly Modpack V2 TehGM’s Stalker Anomaly Modpack V2 TehGM’s Stalker Anomaly Modpack V2 TehGM’s Stalker Anomaly Modpack V2


02 January 2022

  • BaS Patch 28-Dec-21 has been added - missed it before.
  • Removed UIDetect shader that was causing Reshade to spit out errors.
  • Added/swapped some screenshots (this blog post only).

This update is save game compatible.


If I spot bugs and find fixes for them, I’ll update the pack and make a note.

I also found MagsRedux mod on GitHub that is meant to replace and improve Anomaly Magazines. However it is not Anomaly Magazines compatible, and Anomaly Magazines is not save game compatible, so I intend on testing it after my current playthrough.

Known Issues

  • The game sometimes crashes when hovering one very specific mag. This mag is for LMGs, and isn’t very common, but can cause slight annoyance when looting carelessly. I am on lookout for a patch for this.


First and foremost, I am not the author of any of these mods, and I do not take credit for them. I also take no responsibility if the mod caused any damage to your game or computer - I am using these mods as well, so we’re both in it.

All mods were downloaded from ModDB.

Lastly, this mod list is not exhaustive by any means - feel free to remove ones you dislike and add new ones. However I cannot guarantee that the game won’t crash if you do that.