TehGM's Stalker Anomaly Modpack

Recently I started playing Stalker Anomaly. I got that itch for Escape from Tarkov - but that game is difficult, scares me when I play alone, and neither my brother nor best friend want to buy it. Stubborn!
But meanwhile, I found out about mod for Stalker Call of Pripyat called Anomaly. And it seems to scratch at least some of that itch.

And this mod is standalone (and free, but that’s a minor - I already have all 3 Stalker games), and… it allows installing its own mods (well, called “addons” technically)! And a few people expressed interest in it when I started talking about it, so I figured I build up a modpack with the mods I use… so here it comes!

Version 2
I recently published a new, enhanced version of my modpack. I am keeping this one up as it’s much more lightweight (both in size and performance impact), but if you want to check out my enhancements, check blog post about Version 2.

Stalker Anomaly

The modpack of course requires Stalker Anomaly itself. This is obvious, yes - this section is just to provide easy download link!
Stalker Anomaly can be downloaded from its ModDB page - just scroll the description to “Download and Installation” section.

Download size: ~8.75GB

The Modpack

The modpack is just a collection of the mods I use - and I use them, so I know they work. But besides that, there’s nothing special about it - it’s not exhaustive by any means and all that.
The mods in this pack are all compatible with Stalker Anomaly 1.5.1.

The modpack comes in two flavours - the main modpack contains sound and texture mods, so it’s quite big. For that reason, I also built a Lite version of the modpack that simply doesn’t include the graphics and sound mods.
Both packs are WinRar archives with maximum compression possible.

Main Pack

The default version of the pack - includes all mods I use.

Download size: ~3.14GB
Unpacked size: ~6.28GB

Download link: click here

Lite Pack

The pack version that excludes all sound and graphics mods to greatly reduce the size.

Download size: ~5.45MB
Unpacked size: ~29.7MB

Download link: click here


These installation steps are for installing the mods with Mod Manager. It is possible to install them without one, but I’ll not cover that here - mod manager just makes it better.

  1. Download JSGME mod manager from ModDB.
  2. Install JSGME by extracting directly into your Stalker Anomaly directory.
  3. Extract “MODS” folder into your Stalker Anomaly directory.
  4. Run JSGME.exe.
  5. Enable each mod. Confirm when it prompts about overwriting. Note: order matters for some mods, see below for my mod order.
  6. Start a new game.

For some mods in the pack, the installation order matters - some depend on eachother etc. You are welcome to tweak it, but this is the order I recommend, as it works for me.

  1. JSRS P.1 - Main Addon
  2. EfTfootstep1.1
  3. HD_Models
  4. Anomaly Magazines
  5. Anomaly Scopes
  6. Arszi's Mutant Bleeding
  7. Warfare Alife Overhaul - Main
  8. Scope_Fix_For_Few_Weapons_v0.02c
  9. Trader Overhaul
  10. Better Weapon & Outfit Condition On Drop - Version 6 (Hardcore)
  11. High Res PDA Maps
  12. SCO3 P.1 Real Mutant Sounds
  13. SCO3 P.2 New Outdoor Sounds
  14. SCO3 P.3 New Underground Sounds
  15. SCO3 P.4 Dead Zone (No Animal Sounds)
  16. SCO3 Addon - Anomaly Sounds
Note: if you downloaded Lite version of the pack, some of these mods will not be there - just ignore them.


First and foremost, I am not the author of any of these mods, and I do not take credit for them. I also take no responsibility if the mod caused any damage to your game or computer - I am using these mods as well, so we’re both in it.

All mods were downloaded from ModDB.

Lastly, this mod list is not exhaustive by any means - feel free to remove ones you dislike and add new ones. However I cannot guarantee that the game won’t crash if you do that.